Battle Raven

By Cluegirl -- 1993


I am one sword out of many, I am one face out of three

The Maiden, Crone, and Mother live united within me

For I am woman's fury, and her honour and her pain

And before this day is over, oh, the blood shall fall like rain!


Bring me thunder, bring me steel, bring me coat of iron mail

Bring me diamond hardened will and let my courage never fail.

Bring the Lightning to my sword; lashing, living in my hand

And bring warning to the horde that here, the Battle Raven stands.


I am wind and rain and fire, I am venom, blood, and tears.

I can raise a fury higher than the worst of mortal fears

I am woman for the women and the children and the home

I will raise my cry in battle with an army -- or alone!


When the Raven stands to battle, I will heed no pleading word

I will grant no foeman quarter; fallen men raise not the sword.

For I know no rules of warring; this is not some bloody game

This is kill, or die in trying, 'cause your foe will do the same!


I will sing to bring the thunder crashing down from out the sky

And I'll sing to light the souls of all the warriors soon to die

And I will sing in battle, bloody songs of power and pain

And I will sing tonight for War to never come again.