By Catt Kingsgrave, 1999

One. One, we greeted with wonder.
What we had was a fortune I'd never quite dared to dream of
We were young and the world couldn't tear us asunder
But it watched and it listened, and treasured the magic we had.

Oh what we would be, if the Fates and Fortuna were with us,
Oh what we should be with our faith and our passion and drive
I was blind to all possible paths but the one that I dreamed of
And our love would be all we we would need to survive,
But we only lasted for five.

Two and three; we pushed at the limits and borders
And we grew into shapes we had never imagined taking
Extacy was too often hid under rewards
Setting coin on the value of making a dream,

But oh what we could do when the passion took fire between us,
Finding our purview 'neath the weight of rebellion and pride
We were racing as fast as we could, but in different directions
Hoping skill and conviction could keep us alive,
And somehow we lasted for five.

With four came our season of silence,
Asking what in the world all the dreaming had really been for
Questions became little tyrants
And I taught myself how to look out at the world
And admit that I just didn't know what the hell went wrong.

Then came our magical number.
It all came back like it never had gone, and then some
We made love, we made magic and fire and thunder
And reaching our zenith, we blew ourselves out of the sky.

But oh, what we could've been, if the love had been stronger than ego,
And oh what we would've been, had the passion run deeper than pride.
It comes down to a handful of years, and an aching rememberance
And a path that we walked, to a place we could never arrive,
'Cause we only walked it for Five.