Guessing Game

By Catt Kingsgrave


Iron fist in a velvet glove

Venom kissed with the breath of love

Cold gunsteel at a silken hip

Razored fang and a ruby lip

Gentle touch and a grinding tear

Bedroom eyes with a leopardís stare

Jagged blade in a gentle sheath

Satin outside, steel beneath.


Kittenís purr and a bean sidheís wail

Mountain rugged, china frail

Hiss of steam in the cooling draught

Garde paths with peril fraught

An open book in another tongue

Sweetest wine from poison wrung

Pure as bright, unsullied sin

Leather outside, lace within.


Dragonís fire in the sweetest breath

Passion burns with the chill of death

Modern witch in a bygone age

Angelís wing and a demonís rage

Water gentle, whiskey strong

Chill windís creak and a sirenís song

Storm wind wild and sweet to hold

Outside armor, inside gold.