December 2008


Thereís no baby in my stable,

No shepherds on my lawn

But a tree of lights gleams in my home,

And my yule log flickers on.

I donít light the menorah

I wonít be at midnight mass

But I know one thing this winterís eve;

That darkness cannot last.


Candles for the Kingís birthday,

And prayers for Ramadan

Quema del Diablo

And Dong Ji red from the pan

Bon nen kai to lose your woes,

Kawanzaaís seven lights,

They all boil down to say

Youíre not alone this winterís night.


I wish you light whenever you need it

And a flame within your soul

To warm your heart in wintertime

When everything feels cold

I wish you love with never the asking,

Given freely from the heart

And measured not in gifts, but in

The glow that eases the dark.


Amid the Christmas carols

And the shopping, and the rush

The reason for the season

Speaks in every snowfall hush;

That things must have their turning

Both the blooming and the freeze

But to last the night, we all need light

To bring hope for winterís ease.


So I hope my flame has kindled

Something good within your life

I hope this song Iíve written

Might ease just a bit of strife

But even if my hopes canít reach

Beyond the seasonís noise,

Youíll still require light

To help unwrap all of your toys


So take this light whenever you need it,

At your table, or your tree,

Your candles, or your hearthfires,

I offer it for free.

And itís all right to let it pass by you

But if you add your own light too,

This circle is made whole

When I take fire back from you.