Autumn 2002

By Catt Kingsgrave-Ernstein

We are witches, to a woman,
From the shadows of our womb
And we understand the birthing
And we understand the tomb
Though we know the rites of Moonlight
We do not fear the Sun,
And we are Sorceresses, every one.

By the blood that flows within us
At the turning of the Moon
We divine the rules of chaos
And we learn to sing its tune.
We've the stormy Sky for lover
And tomorrow for a son,
And we are Sorceresses, every one.

For the magic beats within each woman's heart
And though many learn to hide it, 
All have heard it from the start
And the force of change lies ready in our hands
We weave the living web 
That holds forever in its strands

We know magic in our marrow,
Every woman, every girl,
Though we've learned to keep our wisdom 
Close around us, tightly furled
And through centuries of secrecy,
Our magic still gets done;
That makes us Sorceresses,
Capricious Fate's mistresses,
That makes us Sorceresses, every one.


In case it isn't obvious, I really enjoy being a woman, a girl, a lady, and most of all, a witch. I find no shame in my gender or my sex, and so I often make up songs like this one in sheer celebration of the power inside every woman's skin and soul. This is an endless source of frustration to those who want me to take Original Sin seriously, no doubt, but God and I have discussed the matter, and It's really happier if I don't. There's other things It wants me to be thinking about.