Seek me between the sparking and the flaring of the flame

Between the recognition, and remembering of the name.

Seek me between the seafoam and the golden stretch of sand

I balance ‘tween conception and the rendering of the plan.


Between the icy midnight and the noontide’s weltering heat,

Between the throbbing drumhead and the next impending beat,

Between the in-drawn breath, and the singing of the words

Between the smithy’s stroke and the ringing clash of swords.


You’ll find me ‘tween the glitter, and the falling of the tear,

When the ghost of songs forgotten sends nostalgia winging near.

Between the fevered dreaming and fulfillment of desire,

Between the in and out, where the threshold’s limned with fire.


I speak between the cadence, and my footprint fills with gold

My voice fills up the hollow of the truth that’s never told:

That I wait between the caring, and the lending of your hand,

For with all of where you’ll find me, there alone, you’ll understand.