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[DIR] Parent Directory - [IMG] Before 1.JPG 09-May-2014 10:13 1.7M [IMG] Before 2.JPG 09-May-2014 10:13 1.8M [IMG] Braced for work.JPG 09-May-2014 11:57 50K [IMG] C holds column.JPG 09-May-2014 10:13 1.5M [IMG] C+H in the pit.JPG 09-May-2014 10:13 1.1M [IMG] Condemned.JPG 09-May-2014 11:57 50K [IMG] Cyrene helps 1.JPG 09-May-2014 10:13 553K [IMG] Cyrene helps 2.JPG 09-May-2014 10:13 635K [IMG] Cyrene helps 3.JPG 09-May-2014 10:14 1.2M [IMG] Dumpster.JPG 09-May-2014 11:57 41K [IMG] Expanding foam.JPG 09-May-2014 10:14 1.3M [IMG] Halfway Through.JPG 09-May-2014 10:14 1.8M [IMG] Hammer fail.JPG 09-May-2014 10:14 1.1M [IMG] Hilfy tower demo.JPG 09-May-2014 10:14 1.3M [IMG] IMG_0743.JPG 09-May-2014 10:15 1.3M [IMG] IMG_0744.JPG 09-May-2014 10:15 1.5M [IMG] Joist bracing.JPG 09-May-2014 11:57 48K [IMG] K crow tower.JPG 09-May-2014 10:15 1.2M [IMG] No entry.JPG 09-May-2014 11:57 36K [IMG] Shortcut.JPG 09-May-2014 10:16 1.3M [IMG] The Keeper pile.JPG 09-May-2014 10:16 1.6M [IMG] heat gun bait.JPG 09-May-2014 11:57 41K [IMG] hidden garbage.JPG 09-May-2014 10:14 965K [IMG] propped up joist.JPG 09-May-2014 10:15 1.4M [IMG] salvage brick path.JPG 09-May-2014 11:57 54K [IMG] skim coat on wood.JPG 09-May-2014 10:15 1.1M [IMG] spoils, lg.JPG 09-May-2014 11:57 892K [IMG] tower demo 1.JPG 09-May-2014 10:16 927K